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About Ranfurly Care

Ranfurly Care is situated in Epsom, Auckland, virtually on the corner of Ranfurly and Manukau Roads. The site has been a centre for a range of different services for people with intellectual disabilities for many years. It has been the main base for Ranfurly Care since the organisation was incorporated by family members in 1991.

Ranfurly Care operates residential and Activity Day Centre Services on the Ranfurly Road site, as well as a separate Residential Service for more able people at Cornwall Park Avenue complex.

The Activity Day Centre caters for People with Intellectual disabilities from the wider Auckland Area. The hours of operation are between 8:30am - 3:30pm and offers a wide variety of groups and activities within a structured time table.

The Ranfurly Care Society promotes the spiritual, physical and intellectual well being of people with an intellectual disability.Ranfurly Care believes in offering a caring environment which encourages residents and students to lead lives which are as fullfilling as possible. The aim is to build self esteem through education and life skills training; leading to the development of independence and self worth

Ranfurly Management recognises that maintaining a team of skilled and well trained staff is essential in ensuring the quality of the programmes offered.

Our Residential Mission

The Ranfurly Care Society promotes the spiritual, physical and intellectual well being of people with an intellectual disability. We stand as an advocate in the community, working for an environment that is protective, caring and educational; offering choices, promoting social contact and building a sense of achievement.

Our Residential Philosophy

We believe in the value of relationships and promoting a harmonious family environment for our residents. We encourage full family support and involvement on a daily basis.

We employ care givers that are committed to providing continuity of care in a secure environment. These caregivers are strongly encouraged to work in a supportive rather than a directive role.

We work to integrate residents in the local and wider community and provide a stimulating and enjoyable choice of programme to suit a diverse range of residents’ needs.

Residents are consulted and services are provided in a culturally appropriate manner, consistent with The Treaty of Waitangi and assisted by local hapu.

Our Activity Centre Mission

The Ranfurly Activity Centre provides a varied day programme service to maximise potential and develop self-esteem and spontaneity in people with intellectual disabilities.

Our Activity Center Philosophy

We stand as an advocate for our students, and believe it is vital to provide a happy, supportive educational environment. We believe it is important to promote community contact and build a sense of achievement for all.We are committed to developing a realistic level of independence and choice for each student and promoting supported employment for them as appropriate. We recognise that maintaining a team of highly skilled staff ensures the quality of programmes offered.

Ranfurly Care Society, 52-56 Ranfurly Road, Epsom, Auckland. Phone: 09 630 3010. Email: