About Ranfurly Care

Ranfurly Care believes in offering a caring environment which encourages residents and students to lead lives which are as fulfilling as possible. The aim is to build self-esteem through education and life skills training, leading to the development of independence and self-worth.

Meet the Team

Our professional management team, which is responsible for the day to day running of the Residential Home, the assisted Living Programme and Activity Centre, is supported by an Executive Committee. They are responsible for monitoring the Society’s Policies and the Service it provides.

Services we Provide

Ranfurly Care operates residential and Activity Day Centre Services on the Ranfurly Road site, as well as a separate Residential Service for more able people at Cornwall Park Avenue complex.

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About Activity Centre

The Ranfurly Activity Centre is a facility for people with intellectual disabilities from the wider community and Ranfurly residents. The Centre provides both educational and leisure activities with a special focus on ‘Community Participation’. Our highly trained staff come from a variety of backgrounds - human services, teaching and the arts, but they all have one thing in common - a passion for helping people develop through education and creativity.


Our Services

Ranfurly Care Society – a caring environment for people with Intellectual disabilities that offers:

  • Twenty four hour residential care and support.
  • Permanent and short stay accommodation.
  • Carer support and emergency relief.
  • Protective family/whānau environment.
  • Resident advocacy.
  • Activity Centre day programmes.
  • Personal development and training.
  • Community integration and participation.
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