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Professional Team

Our professional management team, which is responsible for the day to day running of the Residential Home, the assisted Living Programme and Activity Centre, is supported by an Executive Committee.

They are responsible for monitoring the Society’s Policies and the Service it provides. Most members of this committee are parents or family members who therefore take an active interest in the residents’ and students’ progress and welfare.



Ministry of Health and New Zealand Work and Income contribute the funding for daily care in the Residential Home. The Ministry of Social Development contribute funding for the Activity Centre programmes.

Committee members are responsible for additional fundraising to maintain and upgrade buildings and assets, including any equipment which will improve or enhance the residents’ or students’ facilities.

24_01 (RAN) - Rowena and Vinnie at Maraetai Beach

Valuing relationships

We believe in the value of relationships and the promotion of a harmonious family environment for our residents and indeed full family support and involvement have always been welcomed.

22_12 - Staff Christmas lunch in the house

Our Caregivers

Our dependable staff are empathetic caregivers and are committed to providing continuity of care in a secure environment.

Our caregivers are encouraged to work in a supportive rather than directive role. All staff works towards integrating residents into their local and wider community.