Activity and Learning Centre

The Ranfurly Activity Centre is a facility for people with intellectual disabilities from the wider community and Ranfurly residents. The Centre provides both educational and leisure activities with a special focus on ‘Community Participation’. The timetable structure is designed to allow students to choose their own group according to their interest.

Our highly trained staff come from a variety of backgrounds - human services, teaching and the arts, but they all have one thing in common - a passion for helping people develop through education and creativity.

The Centre provides a stimulating blend of educational, creative and physical classes during the day. The established programme comprises of a comprehensive choice of over thirty different group activities which are all developed to suit individual capabilities and personal requirements.

A typical day includes activities such as communication, computer skills, arts and crafts, music, education, drama, cooking, pottery, woodwork, and gardening. Some people (referred to as students) receive individual tuition but all participate in small group activities.

Each person has an appointed staff member as ‘Coach’ for a full year who has overall responsibility to ensure each individual has an annual goal(s) that it is achieved and becomes part of their Lifestyle Plan.

We believe in a holistic approach of maintaining physical as well as intellectual well-being, so an exercise programme is included in our daily schedule with morning walks, swimming, dancing, indoor bowls and ten pin bowling. A professionally equipped gymnasium and a weekly visit from a personal trainer is available to the Activity Centre students.

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Ranfurly Residential Home

The Ranfurly Residential Home provides twenty four hour support for permanent residents, as well as offering short term respite care for caregivers with intellectually disabled dependents. Residents are encouraged to develop a realistic level of independence based on their individual capabilities and participate as much as possible in normal everyday activities. Our objective is to create a family/whānau environment where residents and staff can interact with one another in a homely atmosphere.

The home-like environment allows resident interaction and the building of friendships while also pursuing individual interests.

Most residents attend the Activity Centre during the day or participate in either paid or voluntary work. As a family/whānau run organisation the Society has an 'open door' policy that encourages family/whānau and friends to visit at any time and they are welcome to participate in any aspect of the society life. The home-like environment allows resident interaction and the building of friendships while also pursuing individual interests. With three large lounges, an outdoor patio area and spacious gardens, there is plenty of space for residents who may want to spend time on their own.

Staff provide twenty four hour support and are trained to cope with any special needs or health problems. Staff are encouraged to work in a supportive rather than a directive role, which encourages residents to make their own decisions. To aid this process we hold bi-monthly meetings where residents can air their concerns and talk about their goals for self development.

Ranfurly Residential Flat

Based in the Ranfurly Complex, but separate from the house is a flat that was opened in 2007. This flat has two residents who are supported in the living skills programme in the evenings and weekends by staff who help with life skill training such as meals, shopping, cleaning etc. These residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible and undertake lifes usual household tasks.


The Mews

Located within the Ranfurly complex is a vibrant flat that was established in 2007 and has become a cherished home for our residents.

Here, a dedicated team of staff is committed to empowering these individuals through a comprehensive living skills program.

 From evenings to weekends, our compassionate staff members provide invaluable support, guiding residents in essential life skills such as meal preparation, shopping, and maintaining a clean and organised living space.

Our aim is to foster a sense of independence, encouraging residents to embrace the responsibilities and joys of everyday household tasks. We believe in creating an environment where each resident can thrive and experience the fulfillment of living as independently as possible.

ambury farm
Taupiri Sunflower
Cornwall Park

Cornwall Park Lodge, Greenlane

The Cornwall Park Avenue (CPA) complex was established in 1998, it offers round-the-clock support to eleven permanent residents. The individual flats/units provide an ideal setting to promote and prioritise Ranfurly's Living Skills Program, aimed at teaching and fostering personal growth, confidence, and independence.

All residents receive daily individual staff support in various aspects of household management, including menu planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and personal care.

Residents are invited to partake in games, music, and socialising. Additionally, there are numerous other occasions such as birthdays, discos, outings, etc, which provide opportunities for shared celebrations and activities.

During the weekdays, residents have the option to either engage in work or choose a Community Participation Day Programme as their preferred activity.

Viaduct Outing 2022
Jurassic Kingdom
Christmas at CPA
CPA Ladies in the Summer of 2022

Duncan House

We are privileged to have our holiday house, thanks to the incredible legacy left by our dear friend, the late Gwynn Duncan. Knowing how much Gwynn cherished her own Pauanui holiday home and the beach, we're sure she would be delighted that we've used her generous gift for this purpose.

In honour of Gwynn and Ian's memory, we've named the property 'Duncan House.'

Throughout the year, Duncan House is a cozy retreat for our residents and students, available for short getaways from Monday to Thursday. Our staff enjoy their weekends there, from Friday to Sunday.

Nestled across the road from Arkles Bay, our residents take pleasure in seaside strolls and refreshing dips on sunny days.

Duncan House serves as an excellent base for exploring local treasures like the Honey Centre in Warkworth, Matakana Village, Sculptureum, and Sheep World, among others. A beloved outing for our residents is a visit to the Puhoi Pub for some 'Light Beer & Hot Chips'.

Puhoi Pub
Orewa Beach
Puhoi Pub
Bullshit Corner

Short Stay/Respite Care

We provide short-term respite care for families in need, depending on the individual's intellectual disability.

Respite care allows the primary caregivers to take a break and enjoy temporary relief. Additionally, it allows the individual to engage in new activities, interact with new people, and improve their overall health and well-being.